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Hi there!


I am Thiago Almeida or you can call me DJ BIG T. Im a DJ, Performer, Host and Events Producer since 2011 based in Sao Paulo city, Brazil.


Started my gigs in bars, restaurants, house parties and evolved to big nightclubs, festivals, corporate events, weddings, graduations, birthdays and every occasion where I can bring my expertise of 12 years in the business.


Since 2018 I've been working as a resident DJ onboard Royal Caribbean cruise lines. As the headliner of Red Party, a highperformance nightclub experience at sea full of special effects and where I bring my mixing skills with a variety of genres and trends to a crowd of thousands of people from all over the world. Spreading my music, celebrating life and making great memories to the guests.


I've been able to explore the globe stepping on 64 countries over 4 continents. This experience was solid gold not only for the oportunity to travel but the richness of music culture that I absorbed. Also improving my language skills as I speak Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Below you will find some of my work as an Entertainer and a little bit more about myself and how to book me to your party!


Thanks for visiting :)

"Hush Party" or "Silent Disco" is one of the most fun parties that I love to do and here is why: You have this wireless headphones which has two channels on it so you can flip between them to listen, sing out loud and dance by choosing one of the two stations: Green or Blue. Imagine in one station you are listening to Bon Jovi - Living on a prayer and another one Single Ladies by Beyonce! And keeps more fun when I play those ¨karaoke songs¨, line dances, tiktok viral tunes, Big anthems that makes an environment a whole lot of fun!

Would you try it with your family and friends? Its for all ages!


In 2009 I moved from the countryside to the big city seeking for adventures and work with what I love: Music. So I visited potential bars and places where I could start my career as a DJ. After 2 years of hard work, I became a resident DJ of notorious nightclubs in Sao Paulo's downtown like The Society, Clube Aloca, Cambidge ClubThe Week, Frey Bar, Yatch Club and countless gigs at other houses around the bohemian neighborhood in Sao Paulo called "Bixiga" where I lived for 9 years. Also always ready for a private event such as weddings and divorces (it happened!), special occasions, birthdays, and all sorts of parties providing sound equipment and lightning with partners and performing as a DJ.


In 2016,  I was the creator and producer of "Festa Derretida" (Melting party) based in Sao Paulo city until 2018. Together with a group of friends and collegues djs, photographers and promoters, we ran around Sao Paulo offering a "traveling summer party" at bars, hostels, nightclubs or even on the streets with cultural events sponsored by the city hall during the summer season in Sao Paulo.